Writer. Mover. Salt shaker.

It’s hard to be original or brag about yourself when you peruse what other people have said about themselves in order to get a better idea of who you are.

Ellen Edmands

Ellen Edmands

What I know so far is this: I like writing and love the idea of writing more. I recently returned to Patchogue, New York, after 10 years, to work and create. I’ve lived in Lihue, a town in Kauai in Hawaii, and hope to return someday; in Ventura, California, which holds captive one-third of my soul; in Melbourne, Florida, where I’ve run into hurricanes and a husband; and in Conway, South Carolina, a place that reformed my attitude and smashed my misconceptions about people.

I’ve worked in journalism, marketing and customer service and of the three, I’d pick journalism — even if I have to live in a van … again.

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